TriFacts Clinics

Welcome to the TriFacts Clinics!

Triathletes are unique individuals. We need help from professionals who understand the demands a triathlon places on our bodies and spirits. This is why TriFacts Clinics are conducted exclusively by highly-credited specialists: personal trainers, swim coaches, cycling coaches, nutritionists, doctors and other experts who share the primary focus of assisting triathletes achieve their maximum potential. Many of our clinic leaders are triathletes themselves and have been racing for up to fifteen years. They are well known and well-respected in the triathlete community because they understand what we need both as clinicians and as our fellow athletes.

TriFacts Clinics are held at various Austin locations one to two times per month. They combine a formal presentation with seminar-style discussion and question-and-answer periods. Topics will range from nutrition to personal training and injury prevention. For a list of our upcoming topics, please visit the TriFacts Clinics calendar. To receive our monthly e-newsletter with information about upcoming clinics, please register here.

TriFacts Clinics provide a great forum to ask questions and meet other triathletes. Whether you’re just beginning or are an expert, TriFacts Clinics will meet your needs. All clinics are videotaped and are available to TriFacts Members at our online archive.