tri tools
TriFacts Tools (accessible to TriFacts Members only) are an innovative and convenient way to track your daily workouts and review your progress. By entering your information into the templates illustrated below, TriFacts Tools will calculate the overall increase (or decrease) in the distance, time, and intensity of your swimming, cycling, and running. This TriFacts feature is particularly useful for tracking the effects of any modifications made in your training, including the implementation our specially designed TriFacts Training Programs. We also offer a TriFacts Race Log that will allow you to “race” other TriFacts members virtually through comparing combined times!

As TriFacts grows, expansion of TriFacts Tools will occur. For example, a TriFacts Meal Creation Tool will debut on our site soon. This tool is connected to the USDA nutrition database and will allow for you to catalog your meals to see an accurate count of the calories, carbohydrates and fat in your food intake. This feature will be an excellent complement to the programs offered in our TriFacts Sports Nutrition section.

TriFacts wants to offer the best tools to suit your needs. We encourage Members and visitors to send ideas our way and let us know if you see ways we can improve existing tools or add new tools to help your triathlon training.